Add video calls into your product

Allow customers to call you from your website or app

Integrate video calling on your website/app in under 5 minutes.

Do Product Demos Instantly

Onboard New Users Instantly

Qualify Prospects Instantly

Spend more time talking to your customers, instead of writing follow up emails or leaving voicemails. Close more deals and build outstanding customer experience.

Real-time video solution for any business

E-commerce & Retail

Shopping is only a call for your customers.

Assist shoppers with their purchase using live video.

Allow shoppers to check availability of products, clarify questions or help with a purchase without your customer stepping inside your store.


WEEDEO makes learning online fun! Students and teachers can see each other, chat, and make studying a breeze.

Study smarter with WEEDEO. It's like having a tutor right on your screen, ready to help you whenever you need.


With WEEDEO, you can see a doctor without leaving home! Have a video chat with healthcare pros and get advice in minutes.

Stay healthy with WEEDEO. No need to travel – just hop on a video call and talk to a healthcare expert from wherever you are.


WEEDEO is the cool way to hang out online! Video call your friends, join group chats, and make every moment memorable.

Connect like never before with WEEDEO. It's like being in the same room with your friends, even when you're far apart.

Live Events

Host one-to-many livestreaming events of concert, seminar, shopping etc.

Showcase products and boost your brand in one-to-many video streams

Reach new sales levels, connect with your customers and humanize your entire online experience.

For any Business

Simply embed video call into your website or app and connect with customers.

Boost your business with WEEDEO. Have virtual meetings, chat with clients, and make teamwork smooth and easy.

WEEDEO is your business buddy. Connect with clients face-to-face, chat with your team, and get things done in a snap

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